Android Developer with VPN
  • Canada
Junior / Associate
Information Technology
5.00 Years

Job Description

The Engineering team is looking for a full-time versatile Android Software Engineer with a focus on technology and an eye for security. We are looking for a generalist with a passion for networking and open-source to help us build the next generation of obfuscation, privacy, and security software for customers around the globe. The Android SDK helps millions of devices to secure their connections.

While we build new features in Kotlin and maintain old Java code, we do dedicate some time to Kotlinfy java code. We pat ourselves in the back about our low crash-free sessions rate but we really take pride when 0 critical issues are found during third party audits on our apps.


  • Develop and maintain our cross-platform VPN SDK
  • Knowledge share through code reviews and mentorship
  • Work with our connection analytics and censorship circumvention teams to improve our VPN network
  • You will get exposure to building the software that runs on a network of VPN servers distributed in 47+ countries.
  • The work will draw on development, security, networking, and configuration experience, and as a result, you can expect to grow into a sharper, more flexible, and versatile programmer.
  • You can also count on being surrounded by an inclusive, helpful team to support and strengthen challenges alongside you.
  • We are a small team, so naturally, the kind of people who tend to succeed in our team are generalists.
  • You are comfortable in dabbling with all forms of development, such as occasionally tweaking our iOS client app or backend API

Preferred Skills

  • You have 5 plus years of experience in Android SDK.
  • You will have Android SDK understanding and about the lifecycle. Someone that's not afraid of working with lower-level libraries like OpenSSL.
  • We prefer that you have the ability to learn and work on other stack.
  • Your work will draw on security, networking, software design, and debugging experience, and as a result, you can expect to grow into a sharper, more flexible, and versatile programmer


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