Executive Chef
  • United Arab Emirates
3.00 Years

Job Description

The Executive Chef is responsible for leading, managing and organizing all aspects of food production to the highest professional standards in accordance to the standard operating procedures. He / she is in charge of proper sanitation in production area, well stocking, proper storage, intra –department coordination, food sales program and quality control and production cost calculations.


Key Accountabilities

  • Recruit, train, motivate and evaluate his / her team to ensure that the department has the necessary skill base and that staff are optimally motivated and enabled to maximize their potential and contribution to the company.
  • Implement adequate hygienic procedures and guidelines as set for the brand and ensure that health and safety regulations are followed at all times in the restaurant.
  • Approve all prepared food items that leave his or her kitchen by checking them according to the quality standards, the brand’s specifications and the presentation guidelines in order to maintain high and consistent quality.
  • Ensure that quality culinary dishes are served on schedule.
  • Create new menu items and recipes in coordination with the Regional Executive Chef and the Operations Manager/Inventory Cost Controller in order to maintain the brand’s concept spirit and proper cost setting.
  • Monitor the food cost according to the company’s guidelines and best practice.
  • Manage end of month inventory, daily wastage, daily requisition,deliveries and perform estimation of food consumption, supplies order to ensure the best quality is being delivered.
  • Ensure the proper operation of equipment and monitor their continuous maintenance as part of the safety measures.


Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Hotel Management or a related field.
  • 3-4 years of experience in culinary management.



  • Attention to details
  • Driving and achieving results
  • Commercial Understanding
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Customer Focus
  • Developing and Motivating Others
  • Initiative


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