Payment Policy for JobFindrr

1. Payment Terms:
  1. All payments made on JobFindrr are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  2. Employers are responsible for reviewing and understanding the payment terms before making any purchases on the website.
2. CV Packages:
  1. To post vacancies and accept job applications, employers are required to purchase CV packages.
  2. The CV package includes a specific number of CVs that the employer can accept for their vacancies.
  3. Employers can post any number of jobs, but the number of applications they can accept will be based on the CV count they have on their account.
  4. The CV count will be decreased by the number of accepted CVs.
3. Pricing and Packages:
  1. JobFindrr offers different CV packages at varying prices, providing employers with flexibility in choosing the package that suits their needs.
  2. The pricing and details of the CV packages are clearly stated on the website.
4. Payment Methods:
  1. JobFindrr accepts payments through secure online payment gateways, such as credit cards, debit cards, or other accepted payment methods.
  2. The employer is responsible for ensuring that their payment information is accurate and up to date.
5. Currency and Taxes:
  1. All prices and transactions on JobFindrr are in the currency specified on the website.
  2. Employers are responsible for any applicable taxes, duties, or other fees associated with their purchases.
6. Payment Confirmation and Account Updates:
  1. Once the payment is successfully processed, the employer's account will be updated with the purchased CV count.
  2. Employers can track their CV count and usage through their account dashboard on the JobFindrr website.
7. Support and Queries:
  1. If employers have any questions or concerns regarding payments or CV packages, they can reach out to the JobFindrr support team for assistance.
  2. JobFindrr will make reasonable efforts to address any issues promptly and provide necessary support.
In the context of JobFindrr, an employer refers to an individual or organization that posts job vacancies on the website. They are seeking to hire candidates for various positions within their company or organization. Employers are responsible for providing accurate and detailed information about the job requirements, responsibilities, and any other relevant information related to the posted vacancies. They have the authority to review and accept job applications submitted by job seekers interested in their posted positions.